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  • Infographic of how to engage internal teams with GDPR

    Infographic – How to engage your teams with GDPR

    Here are our top communication tips on how to engage your internal teams with GDPR.


  • Railfreight-Design-for-Rail-Dinnis-Design-small

    Design for Rail – Railfreight

    There are moments in your design career which shape how you feel design should be done. The Railfreight Identity for British Rail was that project for me.


  • DB-013-stuff-worth-sharing-about-future-trends-small

    Top 5 trends in internal comms and engagement

    Our ultimate Top 5, compiled from the trends & predictions for this year.


  • DB-012-stuff-worth-sharing-about-apps-Dinnis-Design-small

    Stuff Worth Sharing about apps

    We've collated a selection of articles, blogs and videos about the use of apps in internal comms.


  • Dinnis-Design-Over-and-out-SMALL

    Over and out – the message that’s lost in the ether

    We know Millennials LOVE their phones. So, reading about their attitude to voicemail was a bit of a shocker. Find out how they really feel about it…


  • Dinnis-Design-Process-vs-processed-SMALL

    Process vs processed

    In the creative world 'processing' it’s not a term you often come across but in business it's something altogether different.


  • Typographic blog image for Dinnis Design blog


    Will Yammer radically change the landscape of employee engagement or is it just another channel?


  • Dinnis-Design-007-Don't-care-for-emails-SMALL

    Millennials don’t care for email

    Email, the default way to communicate. But for generation Y employees it’s not and they’re pushing back.


  • Disguise on Carluccio's logo

    Carluccio’s – Undercover and underwhelmed

    TV documentary shows employees remain engaged despite the efforts of the board, and not because of them.


  • hamster in wheel small

    Never mistake activity for achievement

    Calculating the impact of a campaign needs to be more scientific than just gut feeling.


  • Man looking at camera

    I am not a number

    I re-watched the fantastic “Engage for Success” video on Employee Engagement recently...


  • creature with ear phones

    Who’s listening?

    There was a flurry of media coverage when Kodak announced “the world’s first Chief Listening Officer”.


  • close-up of the 'p' from 'happy'


    What do Ken Dodd and Pharrell Williams have in common? Not much you’d think?


  • Design-Week-Dinnis-Design--feature

    We’re famous, not!

    We're on the cover of Design week with our project for London Design Festival.


  • Black-dog-shoot-dinnis-feature

    Down on the farm

    We've been helping out down on the farm. Not shearing or milking the cows, but a photoshoot.


  • Heineken-video-shoot-Dinnis-feature

    We’ve shot the client

    We've been shooting our client today, not literally, but a video shoot.